I love being a barber shaving spray

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A Brand New Fresh Approach to Shaving Has Arrived! The I Love Being A Barber 'Shave Solution' Shave Spray is a Revolutionary New Shaving Product made Here in the USA of USDA Certified All Natural Organic Ingredients.Created to Save you Time Product and Money! The Shave Solution is Quick and Easy to apply! The days of wasting time applying Messy Wet Oily shave products with your Hands or a shave brush are Gone! The Shave Solution Eliminates the Extra Unnecessary Step it takes to apply product! Which saves you time and helps you get to the next client faster! Simply Grab your bottle of Shave Solution and Spray It On! That's it! It's That easy! We call it #SPRAYandSLAY! It Saves You Product! The spray action applies a nice Thin EVEN layer of product every time. Getting the job done Using Less Product, which helps you Save on each cut! Just look how Quick Line Ups can be! It Lasts! THIS PRODUCT LASTS! The fine mist spray application means you're Not wasting a lot of product. You don't have to apply it on thick to penetrate bulk like the gels. It does a better job with less product! Which means you get more for your money! It Even Quickly Penetrates Heavy Thick Bulk! Slick Slippery Razor Glide! Our product is made from a base of Organic Aloe Leaf Juice with Essential Oils that provide a Slick Slippery Surface for our razor to smoothly glide across! Helping you give a Close Comfortable without the irritation! It works so good you can even shave a Whole Head with One Hand! Made In the USA with USDA Certified All Natural Ingredients Formulated for Sensitive Skin! Our Shave Solution is Proudly made in one of the Top Labs here in the US, NOT OVERSEAS! It's formulated with High Quality Super Ingredients that have a Multitude of benefits to the skin to help Calm & Soothe even the most sensitive skin! We spared no expense to make sure we bring you the Highest Quality Product money can buy!